Honya Sawinski - Owner Fabric and Quilting Delights
Honya Sawinski - Owner "Fabric and Quilting Delights"

Honya Sawinski's background is business and Theatre. After college she got a job at the Hayloft Dinner Theatre in a barn with a big silo in north Virginia. Besides waiting on tables, she worked with the customers. One day, she was asked to make an apron. She didn't want to tell anyone that she didn't know how to sew. She took the apron pattern home and created the apron. After a few months, she became their costume designer.

Honya moved to Hawai'i in 2000 and worked in a couple of fabric stores before meeting Ed Hughbank who owned the Viking Sewing Center. Working with Ed to sell Viking sewing machines and watching people create things was a dream come true and the best job she ever had.

Then, Ed became ill with Lou Gehrig's desease. At the time, Honya and her husband were adopting a child from Russia, so they were not able to buy the business. After a couple bought the business and shortly afterwards, it closed.

Ed was good friends with Rose Gomes, the owner of Fabric Gift Shoppe. Honya also became friends with her during Ed's illness and the adopting process.

Honya started working at home doing alterations so she clould be home with her child. Three years later, she was thinking about taking the lead costuming job at Aloha Theatre. The same day, she found out about the Fabric Gift Shoppe being up for sale, as Rose had become ill.

Honya spoke with Rose's husband on a Saturday, she met with him on Monday, and on Tuesday bought the shop.

Four and a half years later, Honya loves it! She loves fabric. She loves to see people get really excited about creating. Her favorite thing is putting fabric combinations together seeing the joy in people's eyes.

Fabric Gift Shoppe has expanded and was recently renamed "Fabric and Quilting Delights", The shop is filled with beautiful fabrics. Honya has also added classes, and machine service & repairs.

Sewing enthusiasts, quilters, and fellow fabriholics are invited to come on into the shop. Meet with Honya and see what you can create.

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